What is SMS Reminders?

SMS Reminders is an efficient, two-screen app that can help you manage tasks  - without the clutter of complex features. Sophisticated SMS technology under the hood automatically reminds you about upcoming tasks and appointments.

When are SMS alerts sent?

SMS alerts are sent to your phone number when the task or appointment is less than one hour away.

How do you send SMS messages from the app?

Reminders are stored on your iPhone or iPad for privacy protection. The app regularly checks to see if an SMS alert should be sent for a reminder. When it’s time, the app sends an SMS message to your phone number.

Are there any special requirements?

Because reminders  are stored and sent directly from your device for privacy protection, the iPhone or iPad you are using needs to be connected to the Internet for the app to work properly. Both Wi-Fi and cellular connections will work nicely.

Additionally, please do not "swipe up" to close the app. Instead, simply click the "home button" on your iPhone or iPad to minimize the app or switch to another app.

Can I send SMS alerts from my iPad?

Yes, you can add reminders to your iPad and have them sent to your phone. With this configuration your phone does not need an Internet connection, as long as your iPad is at home and has access to Wi-Fi. This configuration will also work with both  Apple and non-Apple phones.

How much does the app cost?

The app is completely free to use as a standalone reminders app. Because SMS messages have a carrier cost you will need to purchase credits to send SMS alerts for your reminders. We offer a low-cost plan to purchase 20 credits for $0.99.

What happens if I am low on SMS alerts?

The app will warn you when you are low on SMS alerts or if you have run out. You will not be charged for additional reminders if your SMS limit has been exceeded.

Why do I need to verify my phone number?

We require a phone number verification process to prevent SMS spam. You only need to go through this process once. Clicking on the verification code box will give you a one-click shortcut for entering your code.

How do I logout of the app and enter a new phone number?

Navigate to the SMS Reminders menu in the Settings app. Toggle the "logout" button to "on" and navigate back to your app. You will be presented with the option to enter a new phone number.