task management made simple

Simple, efficient task management using SMS reminders.

Exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

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Simple UX


Simple, easy-to-use UI.

Just the features you need with no clutter.

Automatic SMS Alerts


Automatically send yourself SMS alerts.

Manage tasks with ease.

Low-Cost Pricing


Completely free to use as standalone app.

Low-cost plan to add SMS alerts.

Questions and Answers

Never forget your scheduled appointments!


SMS Reminders is an innovative app that works for iPhone and iPad. It automatically reminds you of scheduled tasks and appointments by sending you text messages. 

Why is SMS Reminders useful?

 These days everyone is busy. People often forget about tasks and events. They may forget to wish their friends on their birthdays, make phone calls to colleagues, and other important tasks. SMS Reminders is an outstanding way to remind yourself about all of these events with a simple, easy-to-use tool. 

How does it work?


SMS Reminders sends you a text message alert an hour before every event you schedule. Getting text alerts before an event lets you live hassle-free by not having to constantly open an app to check your schedule. Using SMS for alerts also keeps all your communications and important information in one place.

Comprehensive Features


  • Color coded calendar to keep track of days with events
  • List of reminders with time and message 
  • Simple one-screen UI to add a new reminder
  • Secure and reliable technology to send SMS alerts